Month: June 2017

8 Tips to make your homework abrades something tolerable

On many occasions, we complain about our work, the chores at home, the homework or projects that we have to do precisely because we do not like them. And the truth is that they do not have to please us, however we should not mortify ourselves while working on them, after all there is always

Argumentative essay on teenage pregnancy

Teenage pregnancy has been a big factor contributing to the dropout rate that does not allow girls to graduate due to their new obligations as a mother. According to the National Campaign to Prevent Teenage Pregnancy, more than half (54%) of teenage Latina mothers do not complete high school, compared to 34 percent of adolescent

10 Essay and Writing Topics

The subjects essays and essays can be very varied, being very broad in the different disciplines of which this type of compositions is usually written. In this article we will mention and write some ideas where, in addition to the main topic, more specific subtopics are included that may be the main idea of ​​any

The Structure of a Philosophical Essay

The structure of a philosophical essay should reflect the logic of the writer’s argument. Also, this determines the type of system on the basis of which the writer answers a subject in the essay. And although the basic principles of correct writing are valid for these works: clarity, coherence and organization; Also other logical concerns

Tips to motivate you to do homework

Typical that it costs you much work to think that you have to do the homework and you look for a thousand excuses not to do it. Stop making excuses and procrastinate and better check these tips so you do not hate that moment of the day! To find that motivation and finish your homework