10 Essay and Writing Topics

The subjects essays and essays can be very varied, being very broad in the different disciplines of which this type of compositions is usually written.

In this article we will mention and write some ideas where, in addition to the main topic, more specific subtopics are included that may be the main idea of ​​any essay.

10 general topics for writing essays and essays

1- Legal

Trials on legal issues are very common among students. These include topics on the hypothetical creation of laws or the reform of existing laws. Among the legal issues, the following stand out:

– Should the use of cigarettes and other products containing tobacco be banned?

– Are the medical benefits of marijuana sufficient justification to legalize this?

– Is the age for alcoholic beverages appropriate? Should it be higher or lower?

– Should nuclear weapons be banned globally?

– Does the ban on illegal substances and narcotics increase their illegal trade?

– Is abortion a women’s right? Are there situations where abortion should be allowed or prohibited?

2- Moral

Black and white pencils representing the dilemma that solves ethics

Trials on moral issues cover a wide range of dilemmas, which include aspects concerning the treatment of humans and animals. These topics are perfect for argumentative essays, since they are debatable.

The most common moral issues are:

– Is it necessary to use animals to test cosmetics and drugs?

– Is it okay to buy products from countries that support child labor?

– Do patients have the right to assisted suicide (euthanasia)?

– Is it appropriate to exhibit nude artworks in museums that are for the general public?

Are believers more moral than atheists? Does morality depend on religion?

– Does freedom of expression entitle people to direct malicious speeches to other people or situations?

– Do people who report heinous crimes deserve the death penalty?

3- Social

Mirror neurons represented in this graph

Social issues are related to legal and moral issues, but separate from them in the fact that these deal with how individuals develop in a society.

Some of these topics are:

– Are teenagers under a lot of pressure to attend college?

– At what age is it appropriate to start exercising the right to vote?

Should immigrants have more rights?

– Why should women wear less conspicuous clothing to avoid “attracting” unwanted men? Are not men responsible for their actions as well?

– Is it correct that prisoners have the right to vote? Are there cases where it should be banned?

– Should there be a curfew for underage citizens?

4 – Media

In our society, the media have acquired great importance. Essays on media include how television, radio, social networks affect our society and what content should be allowed. Among the highlights are:

– Should sexually explicit scenes be allowed to be transmitted during family or public time?

– What is the level of tolerance that should exist regarding violence transmitted by television?

– Do journalists have a duty to take no party at the time of reporting?

– Are public figures treated unfairly in the mass media? Should celebrity privacy be further respected?

5- Advertising

The differences between advertising and propaganda are subtle, but consequently notorious

Advertising is closely related to the media, since it is usually transmitted through the media. Some relevant topics in advertising are:

– Is it okay to permit the use of advertising within schools and other educational institutions?

– Is it right to allow companies producing alcoholic beverages and tobacco products to use advertising?

– Should advertising include the warnings and side effects of the promoted products?

– Is print advertising obsolete?

6 – Family

Essays on family topics cover a wide range of topics; This is because families are very diverse. Some general topics regarding the family are:

– Do children deserve or need an allowance / pay?

– Is it okay for parents to monitor their children’s internet use?

– Is it correct for a father to beat his son to “teach him a lesson”?

– Should parents encourage their children to participate in extracurricular activities, such as sports or music?

– Should single people be able to adopt children as easily as a couple?

7 – Educational system

Happy teacher with his students. The patience and good relationship of the teacher with the children are two of the most important pedagogical principles.

Essays on the educational system are one of the most obvious options because they allow constructive criticism of the system to which we belong. Some topics in this area are:

– Should there be a dress code for teachers?

– Should the boys and girls attend separate classes?

– Is it okay to allow students to use their phones in elementary school?

– Should schools promote the study of languages ​​other than English?

8 – Governments

The mayor performs his duties in the city hall

– Most political figures are male, should governments promote the entry of women into political life?

– Should the government create laws to regulate the consumption of junk food?

– Should the government intervene in aspects concerning individuals, such as family planning? Should the number of births by families be regulated?

9 – Environment

– The destruction of the world’s forests is a necessary and inevitable consequence of technological advances, do you agree?

– What should we do to protect and preserve endangered animals?

– Are zoos cruel to animals? Is the existence of these necessary?

10 – Technology

The technological trends that are changing the world bring the human closer to a new artificial and welfare dimension

– What are the advantages and disadvantages of technological advances?

– Should textbooks be replaced with laptops and tablets?

– Are we very dependent on technology?

– To what extent has technology changed the way we work?

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