Argumentative essay on teenage pregnancy

Teenage pregnancy has been a big factor contributing to the dropout rate that does not allow girls to graduate due to their new obligations as a mother. According to the National Campaign to Prevent Teenage Pregnancy, more than half (54%) of teenage Latina mothers do not complete high school, compared to 34 percent of adolescent mothers overall. Unplanned pregnancy for Latinas in high school can be detrimental to their education, although adolescent pregnancy can not be stopped, it can be reduced. Making soccer programs a mandatory requirement for Latina in grades 9-12 will lower the rate of teenage pregnancy and increase the graduation rate of Hispanic girls.

One of the main reasons why Latina or any group of teenage females have just gotten pregnant is because of how their time is being managed. Either you are spending too much time with your boyfriends or so-called friends of the individual and obviously spend time doing things that you are not supposed to or else go out in certain environments on the weekends in which you are put into situations of having Time alone with your partner, whether at a party or on a date.

This is where time invested becomes key, when a high school student is involved in an extracurricular activity, such as football, they are less likely to get into trouble and are more likely to succeed and avoid problems such as pregnancy. Especially in her high school years from 10 to 12, in a study, in addition, that the National Campaign did was that of all Latina who have dropped out of high school between their second and senior year of high school, 36 percent claim to be pregnant Or being a mother as a reason by which it was reduced.

A study conducted in 1992 by Colorado High School, the Activities Association and the Colorado Department of Education revealed that Colorado high school students engaged in some kind of school activity have “significantly higher” grade averages and a Best assistance. This would eliminate any time they are omitted, classified will be attended to and would improve their academic standing. Another attribute of football programs would be a positive attitude towards the possibility of a student after high school and would make them think twice about having sex with someone knowing that there is a 50/50 chance of pregnancy, and how Could change their future.

Time is a key element in the teenage pregnancy scenario, how time is in charge of teenagers either through parental supervision or outside the house with friends or school can become a factor. When a student is involved with football there are many hours after school that are consumed by the student through practices, games, exhibition matches, and soccer fields that deviate from any distraction and turn that moment into positive results . In 1985, the National Federation of State High School Associations sponsored a national survey of high school principals in all 50 states, 76% said they believe that student demand for activities is not excessive, resulting in More practical soccer programs and mandate of soccer programs for Latina.

Decreasing the pregnancy rate will lead to more time management, it has to be implemented through education, but not through the classroom, but rather through mentoring. These football coaches will set the time aside for each week to sit down and talk to the girls about issues that pertain to out of school and educational life, and mentor on these issues. For example, issues relating to family, relationships, peers, drugs, sex, alcohol can be talked about and brought to light that enhance your understanding about that topic. In relation to pregnancy, these mentors could educate girls in sex education and the effects of what can lead to pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases, and the effects it takes on your body.

In March 2003, the Center for Health Improvement published an article on adolescent pregnancy and the role of women in the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases, which included (1) Comprehensive Sexual Education, (2) access to contraceptives and Reproductive health, and (3) Youth Development in which they believed could reduce adolescent pregnancy. Two of the three mentioned would definitely help and would be implemented through the soccer program, however, what teenage Latina access to contraceptives and reproductive health.

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