Essay on blindness

In an undetermined city, a man suddenly becomes blind when he waits at the wheel of his car for the light to turn green.

To the panic of this person, a charitable soul offers to take her home. This will be the second person who will suddenly be blind. Thus, and at cruising speed, one by one, all those who come in contact with any of these people, are going blind.

An epidemic? Nobody knows anything, but the panic spreads and runs like gunpowder and the government decides to isolate all these new blind people in a building away from contact with the unpolluted.

But the number of the blind is growing and, with them, the problems. Little by little the epidemic is spreading all over the world.

A single person, the woman of the ophthalmologist who attended the first blind man, does not lose his sight. The doctor is blind the day after attending the patient and is the one that alerts the health authorities.

When they come to take him to the “concentration” building, his wife decides to pretend to be blind so she can go with him. Through it we will see everything that happens and we will live the history in first person, almost as if we were one of the protagonists. Protagonists without a name (the first blind man, the doctor, the doctor’s wife, the girl with the glasses, the taxi driver …), a peculiarity-seems to be quite common in Saragossa novels.

It is also very peculiar in the novels of Saragossa, his writing, with hardly any punctuation marks, with the dialogues almost narrated, without differentiating or highlighting the rest of the text. A bit difficult when you’re not used to it, but then you almost do not notice it.

Is it an essay? No I don’t think so. It is a novel, but tells a story that makes you value and think, at first about blindness, how we live now and how we would change our lives if suddenly we were blind and if, unfortunately, they never come alone, all Around us too.

But I think it makes you think more about the degradation that people can reach, how we can change, for better or for worse, when our world collapses, when everything we know ceases to exist, when we no longer move in And we are unable to adapt ourselves to a world without comforts, without services, without house, without food, without running water, with nothing of which we know, almost in a hostile terrain or, At least, inhospitable. Would we be able to begin our history, the history of man, from scratch, return to our beginnings? I do not think we would recognize ourselves.

A great work, an original theme, an impeccable invoice and a great author. Two novels I have read of him: Cain and Essay on blindness. Two wonders. I strongly recommend that you read either, and by extension, any of this writer.

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