Tips to motivate you to do homework

Typical that it costs you much work to think that you have to do the homework and you look for a thousand excuses not to do it. Stop making excuses and procrastinate and better check these tips so you do not hate that moment of the day!

To find that motivation and finish your homework time, the first thing to do is:
Break the routine.
Instead of doing homework on your desk, you can move around every day. An example can be in your favorite chair, another day in your garden or some other part you like your home.

Girlfriend’s afternoon.
You can designate one day a week to go with your bff to some coffee to do the homework together, and do not make them so heavy. In addition to doing homework like any good girl, you will also enjoy good company and a mega deli drink.

Master music!
Ugh, what better than a playlist to make it lighter the time to do homework? Obvious not the one you listen to because it is likely that you start to sing and distract yourself, but you can choose some new and so take advantage to discover songs.

Colors and more colors.

Try to use feathers or nibs of many colors that you like. Your task will be increased and at the same time it will help you to be recorded what you did and do not forget. This tip is perfect for when you have exams!

Time to charge battery!
After some time, give yourself about 10 minutes of break. In that rest you can gossip in insta or fb, play with your puppy for a while or prepare your stuff for the next day.

Reward you
This is the best motivation. When you finish a task you can pamper yourself with a chocolate, watch your favorite series, eat some delicious cookies, or whatever your guilty pleasure.

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